Global insights around employment law, trends and changes that impact recruiting and staffing management

When redesigning a Global  recruitment and staffing process there is a rule of thumb: Policy defines process! When you impact the policies you impact the process and how it should be executed.  Whether it is full time or contingent workforce policies, they are written to create consistent practices and protect the organization Country by Country.  Below is a list of articles that are helpful when considering different types of employment scenarios inside the organization. Additionally it begs the question how best to manage these changes. I always appreciate the reality check and hope you do as well.

North America

PEO trend in small to mid-size employers
Dykema Gossett PLLC USA – August 31 2009
However, for purposes of the Fair Labor Standards Act, the courts have determined coemployment status by applying an economic realities test, which considers (1 

DOL and IRS to scrutinize misclassification of independent contractors
Barnes & Thornburg LLP USA – April 26 2010
… In addition to the DOL, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will be scrutinizing independent contractor arrangements. As part of …

New $25 million blockbuster – coming soon to an employer near you!!
Strasburger & Price LLP USA – April 19 2010
in confirming the proper classification of its workers as contractor versus employee  the factors in classifying a worker as an employee orindependent contract. 

The Department of Labor (DOL) has been given funds and a clear directive from the President to step up employee misclassification enforcement efforts. U.S. Secretary of Labor, Hilda Soliz, has announced a new program to advise workers of their labor and employment rights. The program, called “We Can Help,” was launched last week. The We Can Help website provides a toll-free hotline for an employee or contractor to raise questions or concerns about how she is being paid. The worker is promised confidentiality and undocumented workers are protected from immigration enforcement for complaints about wage violations. To aid its efforts in getting the word about the We Can Help program out to workers, the DOL has teamed with various employee advocacy groups, including the AFL-CIO and others to educate workers. Plans include distribution of litera…

United Kingdom

Equal pay for temps
DWF LLP United Kingdom – March 25 2010
Ahead of the implementation of the Agency Workers Regulations in October 2011, Asda and Unite have struck a deal that will give temporary agency workers in 


MOM issues “Tripartite Guidelines for Re-employment of Older Employees”
Allen & Gledhill LLP Singapore – March 30 2010
On 11 March 2010, the Minister for Manpower Mr Gan Kim Yong announced the finalised set of Tripartite Guidelines for Re-employment of Older Employees (the “Guidelines”) at the Committee of Supply Debate.


Sweden – Lower rate of increase in the number of unemployed

According to original data, published today by Statistics Sweden (SCB), 448,000 persons aged 15 to 74 were unemployed in March 2010…

What does this all mean to me? ( I know you are wondering)

There is no such thing as ONE global process.  There is such a thing as a global framework, however the HOW will change by country. I call this A Global Framework with localized practices. Think of your technology as the vertebrate and the function that must perform according to country requirements. (Even the technology must meet country standards!)

Full-time recruitment

1.  Education

2.  Expat Management – Educating managers who go abroad what they can and cannot do, based upon country legislation and

3. Recruitment process and benefits discussions based upon geography

4. Recruitment on-boarding processes

5. New program’s to support retiree’s

Contingent Workforce

1.  Managed services as we know in the United States is not the same when you go across the pond

2. Supplier management as a common framework will have a different RASIC chart (roles and responsibilities chart) by country due to legislation.

3. Unemployment rates impact to supplier resume submittals.

4. New programs to support retiree’s.

Yes there is more that can be added to this list, but it goes to the saying policies drive process.  Therefore making recruitment and staffing one of the most misunderstood function both internally and outsourced today.


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